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West Coast dreaming and hoping to go to graduate school in sunny Los Angeles? Well you can bet your boots that there are plenty more like you out there hoping to escape the dreary East Coast winter sessions in the snow and trade them in for a bleached blonde Master’s or PhD from UCLA. That means you’ve got to prove you can make the cut somehow.

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Enter the GRE. Sure the test is far from perfect, but it’s definitely a tool that the admissions committee uses to separate the wheat from the chaffe. That means that while it won’t be the only factor used in admitting you, it can make or break your application. So what do you need?

Average GRE Scores for UCLA – Education and Engineering

If you’re gunning for such a prestigious university like UCLA or Columbia, you can rest assured an average score on the GRE isn’t going to get you very far. Here’s the US News & World Report data on the engineering and education programs at UCLA:

ProgramEstimated VerbalEstimated Quantitative
Engineering - Master's152164
Engineering - PhD156167
Education - Master's154154
Education - PhD/EdD157154


Estimating UCLA GRE Scores in Other Disciplines

“Wait, wait!” you may be saying. “US News & World Report doesn’t provide GRE scores for other programs!” True–but, based on the program rankings and scores from Engineering and Education, we were able to do some nifty math and estimate GRE scores for UCLA’s other programs.

ProgramUS News RankEstimated Verbal RangeEstimated Quantitative Range
Biological Sciences18159-163156-160
Computer Science13155-159161-165
Earth Sciences13160-164156-160
Fine Arts1162-166157-161
Political Science12163-167155-159
Public Administration13159-163152-156
Social Work13155-159147-151
Library Sciences14163-167151-155

Resources to Get the GRE Scores You’ll Need for UCLA

Check out the following links for more help preparing for the GRE:

Notes about Comments

While I’d love to give everyone some kind of hard and fast number for your chances (it’s a nerve wracking, opaque experience, I know), I unfortunately can’t. This is because there are numerous factors involved in the admissions decisions and most of those factors aren’t the GRE. The best I can do is tell you below/at/above the score range, but that information you can see for yourself above. My universal recommendation is that you check where you stand compared to the tables above. Then have a look at the forums to see student experiences. Good luck! 🙂

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