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Text Completion Question Type

by Professor Dave

ETS test-makers say that the “Text Completions measure your ability to recognize words or phrases that both logically and stylistically complete the meaning of a sentence.”

Further, the Text Completion section “requires an understanding of words-in-context plus the ability to understand the logic of sentences.” These two skills seem to be measured equally.

From our perspective, they also want to see if you can:

  • read a sentence carefully and critically
  • understand the flow of a sentence and anticipate the omitted word(s)
  • recognize words or phases in the sentence that may be clues to guide you
  • compare multiple potential choices on your path to finding the credited responses
  • pace yourself to allow enough time for these questions and others in this section

There are three formats for Text Completion questions. These generally appear in every Verbal Reasoning section:

  • one-blank, five-response
  • two-blank, two-column, three-response
  • three-blank, three-column, three-response

Regardless of format, your task in a Text Completion question is to fill in the blank or blanks, with a word or words that match the content, syntax (that, is the wording and “direction”), and tone of the rest of the sentence.

Remember to match content, syntax, tone.

Comments and Suggestions from ETS:
“When you have made your selection for each blank, check to make sure that the passage is logically, grammatically, and stylistically coherent.”


Text Completion examples (with video tutorial):

Text Completion example 1

Text Completion example 2

Text Completion example 3


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