Taking the GRE in Nigeria

With nearly 4,000 tests administered in 2016, Nigeria ranks 10th amongst countries with the most GRE-takers. Below we’ll be discussing everything you need to know to take the GRE in Nigeria, including information on testing centers, registration, and fees. If you have more questions about the GRE, check out our GRE FAQ as well!

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Taking the Computer-Based GRE in Nigeria

The computer-based GRE is offered by five testing centers spread across three cities within Nigeria:


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Testing is offered year-round at these locations. However, each center typically only offers one to two test dates per month, so it’s important to find a date and location that meets your requirements. You can use ETS’s Find Test Centers and Dates tool to see the exact availability. Once you’ve found a place and time that works, visit ETS’s website to view instructions for online or phone registration.

Taking the Paper-Based GRE in Nigeria

The paper-based exam is also administered at two locations in Nigeria for those with limited computer access:


  • Dority International Secondary School
    Test Center Code: 10068

Benin City

  • Edo House/Debyl Ltd
    Test Center Code: 10058

The paper-based exam is offered far less frequently than the computer GRE—there are only three potential dates to take the paper test each year. Exact dates vary, but they typically occur in early February, early October, and early November. To sign up for the paper-based exam, you can create an online account and follow these directions from ETS. Alternatively, you can print and mail ETS’s Registration Form for the Paper-delivered GRE.

Cost and Fees for Taking the GRE in Nigeria

ETS lists all fees for the GRE on their website. At a minimum, test-takers will need to pay a registration fee of 205 USD (around 74,000 NGN at the time of this writing). Please select your test date carefully, as rescheduling will incur a 50 USD fee.

Once you have your scores, the first four score reports you send are free. To send any score reports beyond these, you’ll need to pay 27 USD to the ETS for each additional score report. If you believe there was an error in the judgment of your writing (AWA) section, you may request a re-grading for 60 USD.

Please note, as ETS mentions here, only Visa, PayPal and voucher numbers are accepted as payment for those looking to take the GRE in Nigeria.

Taking the GRE in Nigeria: Conclusion

Taking the GRE in Nigeria is really no different than taking it in any other part of the world. And like anywhere else, you’ll want to be properly prepared for the exam before you walk through the test center’s doors! Consider signing up with Magoosh as you embark upon your test prep journey, and good luck!

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