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GRE words that always confuse me…

Quick post today. At the internship (as an editorial intern), I came across two commonly misused words that (tada!) are also Barron’s vocab! I now give you the Chicago Manual of Style: Abjure; adjure. To abjure is to deny or renounce under oath {the defendant abjured the charge of murder} or to declare one’s permanent […]

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Words that always elude me…

Sometimes the definitions of words just seem to elude me. I learn and re-learn them, but sometimes I need to get a few questions wrong in order for the words to stick. I took this sample question test from ETS on antonyms and got a modest score, merely because the words (all of which seem […]

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Antonyms, Not So Fast

So a few days ago I finished the analogies section in Barron’s. All’s well that ends well–I want to check out my Princeton Review book for more exercises because, frankly, it’s really nice to take practice portions of the GRE and do well. Antonyms, however, are quite different. Scores from Barron’s (out of 4 exercises, […]

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