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Practice Test Results

So… I am back from taking the practice GRE. What a complicated test experience! I arrived pretty early to the testing site but was unprepared to what they had in store. Not all practice tests will be computer-based. I guess the first lesson in this is to always bring a pencil. I didn’t have any […]

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GRE words that always confuse me…

Quick post today. At the internship (as an editorial intern), I came across two commonly misused words that (tada!) are also Barron’s vocab! I now give you the Chicago Manual of Style: Abjure; adjure. To abjure is to deny or renounce under oath {the defendant abjured the charge of murder} or to declare one’s permanent […]

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Words that always elude me…

Sometimes the definitions of words just seem to elude me. I learn and re-learn them, but sometimes I need to get a few questions wrong in order for the words to stick. I took this sample question test from ETS on antonyms and got a modest score, merely because the words (all of which seem […]

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Little Victory

I’m chugging along on the math review section for Barron’s–and I’m pretty excited! Current Practice Results Section L, Circles: 17/20 Section M,  Solid Geometry: 14/15 Since a lot of my scores on the math review sections have been much worse than this, I think it’s safe to say that I’m getting better. For one thing, […]

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First Day of Class/English Review

“A good reader, a major reader, an active and creative reader is a rereader.” -Nabokov, On Good Readers and Good Writers Today marks the beginning of the semester! (Does anyone know why Berkeley starts its semester on a Thursday?) That’s right–it’s back to skool for me. Back to learning. Back to reading and writing. Back […]

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Cool Vocab Sites to Study for the GRE

Today’s study session was replaced with an hour of mildly-pleasing computer games! It’s funny whenever people ask me how I spend my entertainment time–I don’t really like to go to the movies or watch tv, or play WoW like some people I know. In fact in terms of games I have a specific memory of […]

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“I hear ya, amen to that.”

Hello! Sorry for the lack of updates recently. As you can tell by my calendar, I have been immersed in the world of mathematics. Yuck–from the likes of the last post, I may have been a little too frank in my distaste for math. My sincerest apologies! There must have been something in the air […]

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