Study Strategy for the New GRE: Warming Up

It’s getting very close…”it” being my big date with the New GRE. That’s right, in less than two days, I will, at high noon, face off with the new GRE (it’s at 12:45 PDT to be exact).  I’m definitely nervous, as well as excited.

In the end, I know there isn’t much I can control. Still, there are still things I can do and other things I can avoid. Below is my little rundown of what I plan to do over the next 48 hours:

Go to Bed at the Same Time

Yes, I know, this sounds a little bit silly. But nothing can sabotage test day more than a poor night’s sleep does. Going to bed when I feel that first nod of sleep, and not giving into that temptation to read the nightly news report, or, worse yet, watch an episode of my favorite show, is the difference between mental acuity and cognitive lag (or “cog fog,” if you will).

Don’t Over-Study

Much in line with number one, I want to make sure I’m well-rested. One area in which we can all burn out is over-studying.  So I am not reviewing everything I have ever learned, nor am I knocking out hundreds of reading comp questions and chasing them down with a few hundred numeric entry questions. At the same time…

Keep the Mind Sharp

Not over-studying does not mean I am relaxing, or chilling, as we say in California. Quite the contrary, I’m trying a few passages: one from LSAT, one from GMAT, and one from the new GRE book. (Just figure I’d read across the board so I can be ready for anything). All in all, this cross-test prep, gives the brain a little workout, but nothing to really lose sleep over, both literally and figuratively.

The key is to keep my brain sharp, whether by doing mental calculations in my head (What is 40% of 40% of 50%?) or by simply reading a 10-page article from The Atlantic Monthly (I have a fresh copy of The Economist waiting at home). Again, I’m doing just enough so that my brain is still fresh in the morning.

Speaking of which, I felt that first yawn…it looks like it’s time to turn in and get a good nights rest. Only one more full day, before my stand off with the new GRE.

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  • Chris Lele

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