Manhattan GRE Flashcards Review

One gripe I’ve always had with Manhattan GRE’s TC and SE questions is that they often use obscure vocabulary. Luckily such words did not make their way into the vocabulary lists at the back of the TC/SE guide. The list of 1,000 words, broken up into ‘essential’ and ‘advanced’, are all must-know words for the GRE. The words also have helpful example sentences.

Of course the biggest shortcoming of the list is the fact that it is a list, and not a set of nifty flashcards. Well, the good news is that Manhattan GRE has turned the entire list into a set of flashcards. But there’s far better news: from the demure, rounded edges to the very whiff of the cards, Manhattan GRE’s flashcards are a resounding success.

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Not only did MGRE transcribe their word list into flashcard form, but they also added helpful sections, such as the “More Info” and “Related Words”, both of which expand on the words. You’ll learn helpful synonyms and colorful backstories to words. I spent a good hour myself “geeking out” on the cards.

But what really shows MGRE’s attention to detail is the easy-to-use flashcard ring that comes with the flashcards. Just slip it through the holes at the corner of each flashcard and you can take any number of cards with you. That way you are not lugging the whole set around. Nor are the cards mysteriously disappearing, the way Kaplan’s tiny flashcards do. But if you buy this set and happen already to have a set of the Kaplan flashcards, you won’t miss the latter at all.


Grade: A

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