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Magoosh Community: Student Experiences

There are 64,597 Magooshers in over 150 countries! Below you’ll find the GRE experiences of some of these former students. Click on their pictures or the links below to read their stories.

Thanks to all our student contributors; you guys rock!

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Name, Location, and Post Title 

1. Karan, Mumbai, India: GRE Verbal Tips for Non-Native Speakers
2. Niken, Yogyakarta, Indonesia: Persistence Pays Off
3. Elliot, St. Paul, Minnesota: GRE Math Tips for Humanities Majors
4. Saurabh, Mumbai, India: Allow Enough Time for GRE Prep
5. Jamie, Portland, Oregon: Returning to Academia After a 16 Year Break
6. Rittwika, Kolkata, India: Studying for the GRE with a Full Time Job
7. Benjamin, China: Benjamin’s Perfect Verbal Score
8. Jeanne, Idaho: Studying Without a Lot of Time
9. Vaijayanth, Bangalore, India: Vaijayanth’s Perfect Math Score
10. Niraj, West Bloomfield, Michigan: “I’ve never been good with standardized tests”
11. Katherine, SF Bay Area: Stay Positive and Confident!
12. Stephanie, Utah: How to Stay Organized and Productive
13. Megan, Columbus, Ohio: Studying for the GRE with Kids
14. Kamile, Missouri: My Prep Plan
15. Siddharth, Mumbai, India: My Test Day Experience
16. Alberto, Mexico City: How I Scored a 170V as a Non-Native Speaker
17. Neil, Boston: GRE Tips from a former SAT Tutor
18. Amanda, San Diego: Confidence is Key
19. Charlotte, Northern California: My 30 Minute-a-Day Study Plan
20. VN, Amsterdam, Netherlands: 165V + 170Q as a Non-Native Speaker
21. Mihir, Mumbai, India: How I Mastered Reading Comprehension
22. Mailee, Santa Cruz, CA: Know Your Basics + Test-Taking Strategies
23. Lynsay, New York: Keep Track of Your Mistakes
24. Steve, New Jersey: Taking the GRE as an Animal Science Major
25. Lanie, US: Pace Yourself!
26. Arun, Bangalore, India: Avoid Procrastination!
27. S.Anirudhan, India: How I Scored a 332
28. Joe, Omaha, Nebraska: How to Deal with Stress
29. Amy, Midwest: Returning to the GRE After a 20 Year Break
30. Muhammad, Dhaka, Bangladesh: Relax Before Test Day!
31. Marshall, California: Conventional and Unconventional Tips to Ace the GRE!
32. Mahesh, Tampa, Florida: How I Conquered the Verbal Section as a Math Major
33. Bryce, Texas: “If you want to get there, you need to stop procrastinating.” 
34. Tracy, Toronto, Canada: Bring Snacks on Test Day!
35. Will: How Recognizing Patterns Helped Me Improve My Score
36. Nina, Berkeley, CA: Don’t Cram at the End of Your Studies!
37. Rebecca, Berkeley, CA: Start Studying Early
38. Varun: “Always aim for the moon, even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.”
39. Francois, Maryland: “On test day, just relax.”
40. Omkar, India: Work on Your Weakest Areas
41. Paul, Australia: Make it fun!
42. Chelsea, St. Paul, Minnesota: “Standardized tests are not my specialty.”
43. Pracheta, India: “Practice makes perfect.”
44. Tanaya, India: “10 Tips, Student to Student”
45. Risabh, Delhi, India: Prep is a Marathon, Not a Sprint
46. Ujjwal, Bangalore, India: “Take at least five full-length practice tests”
47. Sonal, Mangalore, India: “Positive affirmation helps calm the nerves.”
48. Sneha, Bombay, India: Well-Rested Equals Attentive
49. Varun: “Keep calm and carry on with your practice.”
50. Karthik, Bangalore, India: When to STOP Studying for the GRE
51. Olabode, Alabama: “Trust the process and put in the time.”
52. Prakhal, India: Never Stop Improving
53. Ricardo, Brazil: “Concentrate deeply and honestly on your mistakes.”
54. Rahul, India: 18 Days to a 322
55. Scott, USA: What a Long Strange Trip It’s Been
56. Glenn, Toronto, Canada: A Perfect Score



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