2 Free GRE Sample Tests with 200 Video Answer Explanations

GRE Sample Test with Example Videos - Image by Magoosh

If you’re on the hunt for free GRE sample questions and examples, you’ve hit the jackpot with this post! We not only go over some great resources for GRE preparation here (such as Magoosh’s own GRE Practice Test), but we also provide two free GRE sample tests with answers in the form of a whopping 200 video tutorials!

What’s in the free GRE sample test?

Applying to graduate school? Chances are, you’ll probably have to take the GRE. This three-hour-long, typically computer-based test measures one’s analytical writing, math, and verbal skills.

ETS, the official test-maker of the GRE, modeled the sample test PDFs after the paper-based GRE, which contains:

  • Two Analytical Writing Assessment sections, one prompt each for the issue and argument (sections 1 and 2)
  • Two Verbal Reasoning sections, 25 questions each (sections 3 and 4)
  • Two Quantitative Reasoning sections, 25 questions each (sections 5 and 6)

And as promised, we have online video tutorials for EVERY question on the Math & Verbal sections of ETS’ official GRE sample test: one for the version that was released right when the GRE was revised to its current form and one for the current version on the ETS website.

That’s 200 total GRE video tutorials, each breaking down the question and steps you should take to answer it!!

Click here for the 2011 Paper-Based Sample Test for the GRE (Source: ETS )

Click here for the 2017 Paper-Based Sample Test for the GRE (Source: ETS )

How should I use the GRE sample test PDF?

This is a great question because we don’t actually recommend that you use these PDFs as full-length sample GRE tests. Plot twist!

The questions in these PDFs overlap significantly with Powerprep online, two free tests also provided by ETS.

Powerprep online offers GRE example questions in a format that mimics the computer-based test. Because most students will be taking the computer-based GRE, the Powerprep tests will give you the best sense of how you’d do on test day. The downside of Powerprep is that it doesn’t provide explanations for correct answers.

For these reasons, we recommend you take the full-length tests on Powerprep, then use the sample test PDFs and corresponding video tutorials to check your answers.

How to Use the PDFs, Video Tutorials, and Powerprep to Your Advantage

If you’re taking the paper-based GRE, then, by all means, use the two PDFs as your primary GRE sample test, then watch the video tutorials to check your answers (we recommend taking one at the beginning of your prep and one at the end).

But if you’re taking the computer-based test, which is far more likely, here is our recommendation for incorporating both Powerprep and the PDFs in your larger GRE prep.

The directions are a bit complicated, but these steps are sure to help you do well on test day:

  1. First, start your GRE journey by taking one of the Powerprep tests as a diagnostic.
  2. Then, review your answers in Powerprep, focusing on the questions you didn’t understand and the questions you got wrong.
  3. Now here comes the messy part: If there is an answer that you do not understand, use control + F to search both of the GRE sample test PDFs for the question. If the question is in one of the PDFs, mark it on the PDF and find the corresponding video explanation online.
    1. Because the questions are official ETS questions, we cannot replicate these GRE sample questions in the video. So it’s important that you have the PDFs on hand while viewing our GRE online videos.
    2. There also may be some questions that unfortunately won’t be in either PDF, but most questions are likely covered.
  4. Continue with your GRE preparation using other GRE study materials (more on that below).
  5. About a week before the test, take the second Powerprep test and repeat steps 2 and 3.
  6. Get some final light practice in with the unmarked and unfamiliar questions on both PDFs and check your answers accordingly.

What other official GRE study materials are available from the test-makers?

In addition to the two free Powerprep tests and the GRE sample test PDFs, ETS also has materials available for purchase, such as the The Official Guide to the GRE General Test (Third Edition), which you can buy on Amazon or from a book store, and three additional Powerprep Online Plus tests with totally new GRE example questions.

For more on the overlap between/among sources of official material, click here.

Anything else I should know about using official GRE study materials?

One note of caution about ETS resources—while they are the best source of practice (because they are the only official sources of GRE example questions), they do not provide the best instruction on GRE strategies and explanations. In fact, Chris Lele, the primary GRE expert at Magoosh, did a complete review of the Revised GRE Official Guide illustrating this point. You should supplement the official GRE sample questions with other study materials.

We’ve created 4 study guides to help you create a plan and choose the right material:


We hope you enjoy these free GRE sample tests with video answers and a corresponding study plan! It’s only through simulating test-like conditions, working through GRE example questions from the test-makers, and reviewing the answers that you can quickly build up your knowledge and confidence for doing well on the GRE.

And, as always, share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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