GRE Experimental Section Removed from September 2023!

A student surrounded by books, studying for the GRE

Major changes to the GRE are coming! As of September 2023, the experimental section will be removed from the test, allowing test takers to expect an easier and faster testing experience.

As we’ve mentioned elsewhere, the GRE is undergoing significant changes, one of which is the removal of the experimental section from September 2023. The experimental section was used by ETS (the company that administers the GRE) to test out new questions and question types for future exams, and it did not count towards a student’s official score. With its removal, students will be able to focus more on answering questions that actually count toward their scores.

That’s not the only change coming to the GRE. The Analytical Writing section will no longer include the “Analyze an Argument” task, while both the Quantitative Reasoning and Verbal Reasoning sections will have fewer questions. Additionally, the unscored section is being eliminated. The purpose of changes like these is to make the GRE less stressful for students, while still being a useful metric in admissions.

The shorter GRE will take less than two hours to complete, while maintaining the same content and question types. Any prior test preparation and strategies will still be valid for the new version, making it easier to achieve success. The most exciting change is that official scores will be available after 8-10 days, allowing for faster planning of future academic pursuits. Registration for the shorter test is open for test dates on or after September 22, 2023.

The removal of the experimental section will allow students to allocate their time and energy more effectively towards answering questions that contribute to their official score. This streamlining of the test structure ensures that students can focus on demonstrating their knowledge and skills without the distraction of non-scoring experimental questions.

This change not only saves time but also reduces the mental strain associated with tackling extra questions that have no impact on their results. By making the GRE less stressful and more focused, these changes aim to create a more positive testing environment for students. The revised format allows students to showcase their abilities in a fair and manageable manner, promoting a sense of confidence and enhancing their overall test-taking experience.

We’re excited to see these changes go into effect in September 2023! Stay tuned for more news on the new GRE test format as we get closer to the date. In the meantime, keep studying and best of luck on your upcoming exam!


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