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Archive | Word Origins

GRE Vocab Wednesday: April/May Article of the Month Words (Part 2)

Welcome to Part 2 of the vocabulary list that I drew from our recent April and May article(s) of the month. You can find Part 1 here. Let’s jump back in: Appropriation This is a confusing word since it can mean one of two things, and these two things tend to be contradictory. Appropriation can […]

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GRE Vocab Wednesday: April/May Article of the Month Words (Part 1)

  If you haven’t yet, I recommend checking out the April and May article(s) of the month, in which the following vocabulary pops up. Since there was a wealth of GRE words, I spread them out over two Vocab Wednesdays. Here is the first part.   Felonious Felonious is a potentially intimidating word that really […]

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GRE Vocab Wednesday: A Formidable Farrago

  A farrago is a confusing jumble of something. Formidable (described in more detail below) means causing inspiring awe or fear. These words aren’t easy, so I’m guessing they’ll be quite formidable.   Formidable As I mentioned above, if something is formidable it is big and scary. Let’s talk tests. Both the GMAT and GRE […]

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GRE Vocab Wednesday: Animal Words

Some GRE words remind me of an animal, have a substring of letters that form a name of an animal, or are actually inspired by that animal.   Pugnacious I’m always reminded of a pug dog when I see this word. If you don’t know what a pug dog is, it’s the one with the […]

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GRE Vocab Wednesday: Words from The Atlantic

The Atlantic is a magazine featuring excellent writing on today’s most pressing topics. And, yes, when I say “excellent writing”, I mean lots of GRE words and complex syntax. But don’t let that scare you away; the writing jumps off the page in a way that the writing in the GRE passage simply doesn’t (“jump”, […]

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GRE Vocab Wednesday: Oscar Words

With the Oscar nominations now in, the time is perfect for some GRE words relating to the upcoming extravaganza. Instead of casting my net wide by including all nominees–or the red carpet hullabaloo–I am going to focus on the best picture contenders, some of which you might have seen.   Chimerical There are many different […]

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GRE Vocab Wednesday: Super Bowl Words

Last week, the vast majority of America sat down for three plus hours of nail-bitingly intense American football. (The rest of the world presumably went about its usual business). The epic matchup between the New England Patriots and the Seattle Hawks was not just worthy of amazing Monday morning water cooler talk, but also called […]

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GRE Vocab Wednesday: “V” Words

One of the first vocabulary Wednesdays I did was a ‘V’ for vocabulary, a play off of the movie ‘V’ for Vendetta. Since then, there have been few other ‘v’ words. Today, I’m providing five important GRE words beginning with ‘v’.   Vainglorious Oh, the Super Bowl. Where you get to see celebration taken to […]

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GRE Vocab Wednesday: What’s the Difference?

The Same, The Opposite, or Unrelated? Before looking at the description of the word pairs below, see if you can correctly guess if the words are the same, the opposite, or unrelated.   Gradation vs. Degradation What happens when you are taken out of graduation? You get gradation! Ok, bad joke. Actually, gradation has nothing […]

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