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Archive | Double Meanings

GRE Vocab List: Religious Words

It’s not Sunday – but it is church day, at least as far as vocabulary is concerned. Below are words relating to the church or religion. A few of the words – such a cardinal – have a secondary definition that, while derived from the original church-based definition, is different enough from the original to […]

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Tricky GRE Words

The following GRE vocabulary words all have common definitions, but they’re tricky because they also have some not-so-common definitions. The Revised GRE cares about the latter, of course. Make sure you know the second definition of these words. Better yet, feel free to pepper (second definition) your conversation with these words.   Stem To stem […]

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Vocabulary Double Meanings

As this past week was vocabulary, I would be remiss in not including a vocabulary word post. But, instead of a random list, I want to touch on a very important class of words – double meanings based on common words. While words like penurious and austere have double meanings, these words are already vocabulary […]

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GRE Vocabulary: Secondary Meanings

Secondary meanings have long been the bête noire of anyone who has seriously prepped for the GRE. With the Revised GRE afoot, secondary meanings are still a part of the lexical landscape. Over the next month, I will be writing several posts dealing with these tricky words. Today, I’m going to touch on a specific […]

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GRE Vocabulary List: Words with Multiple Meanings

GRE vocabulary can be tricky, because many words have double meanings. But, there are some words that have triple, or even quadruple, meanings. In honor of the Greek god Proteus, known for his ability to change shape at will (and who bequeathed us the GRE word protean), I will call these multiple definition words Proteus words […]

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Secondary Meanings Vocabulary List: 10 Words You Must Know for the GRE

In a recent post, I mentioned the importance of identifying part of speech on a verbal question. Doing so will help you determine whether the question is testing the secondary meaning of any of the words. Now it’s time to talk about some of the most common secondary meanings in GRE vocabulary. 1. Tender Tender […]

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GRE Vocabulary List: Double Trouble Secondary Meanings

What do the following words have in common? Essay, Flag, List, Appropriate The answer: they are verbs. I should also add that each word has another meaning very different from the usual meaning. In this case, that secondary definition happens to be a verb. So, Uh, Which Definition Are They Testing… For each question, whether […]

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Reprove – A Very Tricky GRE Vocabulary Word

Surely, reprove must mean to prove again? You may, of course, remember that adding re- as a prefix doesn’t always mean to do again. Reprove, surprisingly, means to censure or scold. That’s right: not only is the word not what you thought, it’s actual definition is not at all what you would have expected. Then […]

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Don’t Get Caught! Know Your Secondary Definitions

Take a crack at the following antonym: PATENT (A) inconspicuous (B) stubborn (C) consistent (D) unheralded (E) illegal Hey, What’s the Deal?!? The GRE has long been fond of testing words that have secondary meanings. Oftentimes, we encounter an antonym such as the one above, and we are stymied. None of the answer choices work, […]

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