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Though you may be ambivalent to the soporific task of studying GRE vocabulary, any pragmatic and fastidious student would find it auspicious to do so. Translation: study GRE vocab! You'll improve your score.

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Ask and you shall receive! Based on the many requests from our students (thank you, as always, for your suggestions!), we’ve compiled the best of our word lists into a free GRE resource. This one-stop vocabulary resource for the GRE in eBook form will help you get ready for the GRE Verbal anytime, anywhere. Our […]

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About nine months ago, I remember remarking that the 2016 election cycle would likely be a dull one. At the time, it seemed that everyone was expecting Hillary to win, since the Republicans didn’t have a clear frontrunner. I figured come January 2017 Bill Clinton would be back in the White House—though in a very […]

Quixotic Many have heard of Don Quixote but few know there is a word in the English language derived from this man’s exploits (or lack thereof). Don Quixote was an old man on an old horse, and fancied himself a chivalrous knight who would save the world. Today quixotic describes any vastly idealistic notions or […]

For many summer means languorous days at the beach, evenings promenading through town, and balmy nights with friends and family. For the lucky few, it can be all of these—if they’re on vacation. Interestingly, summer is a time for travel, those few weeks where we can check out of our daily routine and experience the […]

  Con- is a root meaning ‘with’. It doesn’t actually mean “against”, as in pros and cons (that root would be contra). Of course, that doesn’t really help you with most words beginning with con-, since the roots that follow are not always clear-cut.   Concoct To come up with a preposterous story is to […]

With the Oscar nominations now in, the time is perfect for some GRE words relating to the upcoming extravaganza. Instead of casting my net wide by including all nominees–or the red carpet hullabaloo–I am going to focus on the best picture contenders, some of which you might have seen.   Chimerical There are many different […]

Last week, the vast majority of America sat down for three plus hours of nail-bitingly intense American football. (The rest of the world presumably went about its usual business). The epic matchup between the New England Patriots and the Seattle Hawks was not just worthy of amazing Monday morning water cooler talk, but also called […]