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GRE verbal tips can be narrowed down to 3 main tasks. First, read GRE level materials. Second, study challenging vocabulary words. And third, work on your pacing! It sounds simple, but actually takes a lot of effort and excellent resources if you want to do well. We're here to help.

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Meet the Verbal section On the Revised GRE section each verbal section consists of 20 questions. You will have a total of 30 minutes per verbal section, translating to 1.5 minutes per question. So how do you allocate this time amongst the different questions? In order of LEAST time-consuming to MOST time-consuming we have: One-Blank […]

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In both the GRE Reading Comprehension passages and the Text Completions, certain phrases may show up that can give a sentence a spin. If you are not familiar with these phrases, your head is likely to spin. Take a look at the following two sentences. He was ________ , always giving to those in need. […]

We’ve exalted the benefits of reading many, many times on this blog, as it’s truly one of the best ways to improve your verbal score. Reading helps build your vocabulary. It teaches you how to use words in context. It introduces you to complex sentence structures and improves your comprehension. Dare I say, it makes […]

Words are elusive, chimerical creatures. They shift connotations depending on the situation, rearing their heads in surprising contexts. A dictionary, or denotative definition, can become all but useless. So it’s no surprise that any attempts to cage the semantic beast in the static, one dimensionality of a flashcard will be doomed. What does this all […]

You’ve read a passage and you are confident you understand most of what you’ve read. And then, you miss the main idea of the passage question. Surely, you understood the primary purpose of the passage, yet ETS was able to trick you. How can it be? Well, one answer to this rhetorical question is that […]

Challenging Passages and In-Context Vocabulary For those looking to learn vocabulary in context while dealing with sophisticated prose, reading the New York Times does not always provide GRE-caliber passages. Sure, there is the Sunday book review, which is always filled with challenging vocabulary and twisted syntax. But if you want a concentrated source of challenging […]

There is a common belief amongst many that the English tend to be more eloquent than their English-speaking counterparts on this side of the pond. While this assumption is open to question, the spate of highbrow English periodicals/newspapers – at least in proportion to their population – lends some credence to this view. For the […]

If you reach the hard section on the GRE verbal, you may see a long, dense science passage. You will definitely see a dense science passage. For many, science passages can be the bane of their test prep experience. Here are a few strategies to help you cope.   1.     Remember the Big Picture The […]