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GRE verbal practice is essential to understanding the unique way in which the GRE tests your verbal reasoning skills. Try all the question types, concepts, and difficulty levels you'll encounter on test day. Then review your work and practice some more!

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When prepping for the GRE, it is easy to get carried away in learning big-sounding words, such as apotheosis and portentous, forgetting that success on Text Completions is dependent on your ability to understand the context of a sentence. Oftentimes, the answer-choices themselves are not these big—portentous—sounding words, but relatively straightforward words that, when you […]

The following is a skeletal outline of a complex passage drawn from a real LSAT test ( I recommend LSAT RC passages because they’re very similar to GRE RC, and will be completely fresh to you, since you’ve probably seen many GRE passages (especially from the OG) before. The idea here is that you pay […]

Unlike the old GRE, the Revised GRE has short reading passages that are relatively straightforward and less dense. This doesn’t  mean that the GRE has been dumbed down, rather the test is drawing from a wider range of reading. Below is an example of an informational passage. It is definitely not academic and even an […]