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Archive | Sentence Completion (Old GRE)

Sentence Completion Practice Question of the Week #3: Answer!

Sentence Completion: The ——- retort was always the last refuge of the jester. And this time, the king’s gadfly went so far as to verge on ——-. A. humorous . . deceit B. ebullient . . disloyalty C. scabrous . . treason D. crude . . sycophancy E. inappropriate . . hilarity The answer is […]

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Can You Spot the Clue?

The first step when facing a sentence completion–whether it be difficult or straightforward–is to look for the signpost. We find the signpost in the sentence itself by looking for a word or words that tells us what the word in the blank should be. What we should not do is read the sentence and go […]

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How To Deal with a Difficult Sentence Completion

Try the following sentence completion, noting your approach: Once spurned by the scientific community, Wegener’s tectonic plate theory has gathered an almost —- following in many circles, yet such an unquestioning embrace could very well lead to the —- of an otherwise valid hypothesis. (A) triumphant…confounding (B) unstoppable…rebuttal (C) equitable…attrition (D) idolatrous…corruption (E) ecclesiastical…repudiation Difficult […]

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