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Archive | Reading Comprehension MAQs: Multiple Answer Questions (Select One or More Answers)

GRE Reading Comprehension Pacing

It is easy to think that GRE pacing can just be reduced to a simple calculus: 30 minutes for 20 questions, equals 1.5 minutes per question. Things, however, are a lot more complicated than that. To really get a handle on pacing you are going to need to understand the nuances of the GRE verbal […]

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Inferences Questions in GRE Reading Comprehension

The GRE requires a very specific type of inference, not like the ones we typically make in our day to day. Instead of making bold claims about observed phenomenon, mingling aggregated experience with intuition, on the GRE, inferences must be based solely on the text. Let me show you what I mean. First an excerpt […]

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Pacing on GRE Reading Comprehension (RC)

“I could get them all right, if I had unlimited time…” is a common refrain I hear from those struggling with pacing on the RC. While such reasoning may not be entirely valid, as the questions themselves can be quite devious, and the passages…well dry, dense, and esoteric are just the beginning of it…having 45 […]

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GRE Short Reading Passages

Unlike the old GRE, the Revised GRE has short reading passages that are relatively straightforward and less dense. This doesn’t  mean that the GRE has been dumbed down, rather the test is drawing from a wider range of reading. Below is an example of an informational passage. It is definitely not academic and even an […]

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