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Archive | Verbal

GRE Vocab Wednesday: Article of the Month – Warriors

This week’s GRE Wednesday is related to April’s Article of the Month about the Golden State Warriors. Read those articles first, then watch the video below! Cachet Charlie was utilitarian in his fashion choices; a logo emblazoned on the front of a shirt, anything with a whiff of cachet, he avoided wearing. The first syllable […]

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Article of the Month – April 2016

I’m not much of a sports fan. Sure, the World Cup excites me (it’s an international event and comes along only once every four years) and I’ll typically tune into the Super Bowl (though often for the commercials), but come the weekend, I’m rarely, if ever, in front of a television watching grown men chase […]

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GRE Vocab Wednesday: Writers in the Storm Part 1

Sometimes article of the months aren’t good place to find vocabulary. Either the vocabulary has been covered numerous times in prior vocabulary Wednesday or there simply isn’t too much high-level GRE vocabulary. With this month’s article, I’ve hit the vocab jackpot. Not only are there many excellent high-level GRE words, but also many have never […]

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