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Archive | Text Completion

GRE Text Completion Quiz

The text completion can sometimes be a little puzzle that you have to unravel. For all of the parts to work, the blanks have to work together to create a coherent meaning. Sometimes, the most difficult text completions are those in which a coherent meaning only forms once all three pieces drop into place. With […]

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Strategies for One Blank Text Completions

They may only have one blank, but that does not mean text completions of this kind are easy. On the contrary, one-blank text completions can sometimes be more difficult than their two-blank, and even three-blank, counterparts. So, unless you want to be lulled into complacency, follow the strategies below. Look for Clues Your enemy on […]

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Text Completion and Sentence Equivalence Tips: Catch Word Strategy

Directions: First, watch the introduction video. Then, in each of the following 10 sentences use the blank space to write in two or more possible answers. Pay close attention to the wording and logic of the sentence. Focus on the way in which the sentence provides clues about the relationships between words, phrases, or clauses […]

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Text Completion Strategies—Don’t Get Lost in the Forest

At first considered a monstrous eyesore by the city’s denizens, the Taipei 101 building has come to be seen as a(n)  —- part of the urban landscape; were the building to suddenly disappear, its absence would be striking. (A) beatific (B) noteworthy (C) exceptional (D) inextricable (E) intrusive Look for the Keyword and Unlock the […]

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5 Essential Strategies When Dealing with a Text Completion on the New GRE

A text completion is one of the new question types on the GRE. It is similar to a sentence completion, but has a few important differences. For one, there can be multiple sentences in a text completion. In fact, the text completion may sometimes run on for an entire paragraph. That’s because some text completions […]

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