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GRE study schedules are not one-size-fits-all study solutions. Choose a study plan based on your timeline, strengths, and weaknesses. Our most popular schedule is a one-month plan, but we offer shorter and longer ones, as well as schedules that focus on helping with a specific area of the test. Choose a Magoosh study schedule or make your own—just be sure to commit to studying regularly and keeping track of your progress!

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Most Popular GRE Study Schedules

Just a quick note to start: This is a monthly schedule—if you’d prefer a more detailed schedule with week-by-week instructions, check out one of these other 6 month study guides instead: 6 Month GRE Study Schedule (for Math Beginners) 6 Month GRE Study Schedule (Advanced Math) Do you need to adapt this study schedule to […]

Magoosh’s GRE experts have created comprehensive study schedules to help you stay on track while studying for the GRE. When I say comprehensive, I mean it–sometimes these schedules are dozens of pages long! Fortunately, Chris Lele, a Magoosh expert, created a video to help you navigate our study schedules and make the most of them! […]

If this question applies to you, then it is a very important question. If you’re wondering how best to study for a retake, then, most likely, something you did the first time around was not optimal. Your next job is to figure out what that something is. Of course “something” is a terribly vague word. So first, […]

Most Recent GRE Study Schedules

You most likely fall into one of two camps. You’ve been prepping for the GRE for months, and with the test date about two weeks to go, you are getting very nervous wondering what to do in the remaining time. I will call you the marathoners. On the other hand, you just started prepping and […]

This schedule is different from the 3-month schedule provided within a premium Magoosh GRE account. We recently added those schedules within Magoosh; they’re modified to use only Magoosh material and have a slightly different order of assignments. If you have Magoosh already, you can simply use the schedule on your Dashboard to study—don’t worry about […]

Update: This study schedule is available in a redesigned, printable version! For those who are focused and ambitious, the 30-day study guide plan is great, as long as you have the time to put in. If you feel that life will intrude in one form or another, or if you need to improve your score […]

Here’s a video of Chris giving an overview of the Study Guide posts we’ll be having this week:   You can read the book reviews he mentions here: New GRE Book Reviews.   Let us know if you have any questions about GRE study plans, strategies, approaches, etc.!