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One Week GRE Study Plan

Update: This “how to study for the GRE in one week” study schedule is now available in a redesigned, printable version! So, you’ve procrastinated, or have maybe just learned that you have to take the test, because the program you are looking to get into happens to require the GRE. Obviously, this isn’t an enviable […]

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How to Study for the GRE in One Month

Bonus: This GRE study plan is also available in a printable version! This Magoosh One Month GRE Study Plan is designed for those of you who are wondering how to study for the GRE on your own. How can you effectively prepare for the GRE test at home when you have competing priorities—school, work, family, […]

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How to Use a Magoosh GRE Study Schedule

Magoosh’s GRE experts have created comprehensive study schedules to help you stay on track while studying for the GRE. When I say comprehensive, I mean it–sometimes these schedules are dozens of pages long! Fortunately, Chris Lele, a Magoosh expert, created a video to help you navigate our study schedules and make the most of them! […]

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Making the Most of Magoosh GRE Study Schedules

The most challenging aspect of studying for the GRE – and being a graduate student, for that matter – is learning to manage your study time wisely. Staying organized and self-motivated while keeping procrastination at bay is no small feat. (Trust me. Candy Crush and Instagram were invented while I was in grad school. I […]

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What to Do if You Fall Off the Study Wagon

Plans are worthless, but planning is everything. We begin with this quote from Dwight D. Eisenhower because it illustrates a very important point—falling off the study wagon not only is normal but also expected. Even the best laid plans are imperfect. Studying for the GRE is an arduous process that takes time, and after all […]

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The Attitudes and Characteristics of a GRE Self-Studier

At Magoosh, we want to help the most students we can. If we had a direct link to our students’ brains, we could upload all the questions, lesson videos, articles, and strategies they need for the test. But we are yet to invent this technology. Instead we have to show students the path to follow […]

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6 Month GRE Study Plan (Advanced Math)

Important Note: Hey Magooshers! We recently updated this study plan to include the most up to date resources and videos from Magoosh GRE Prep. If you began using this study schedule before June 2015, we’d recommend that you continue to prep with the same version of the study schedule that you started with. You can […]

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