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Archive | Student New GRE Experiences

GRE Student Post: Three Weeks of Prep

Today, we’re hearing from Nolan. Nolan only studied for 3 weeks, but managed to get a great score! Read on for his tips.  About me: Hey I’m Nolan. I am from Atlanta, GA. Interestingly enough, I majored in International Studies with a pre-med track. Right now I am pursing a Masters of Public Health. For me, the hardest […]

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GRE Student Post: How to Stay Organized and Productive

Today, Stephanie gives us some great tips for staying organized, focused and motivated, even while juggling classes and 2 jobs. Thanks, Stephanie! 🙂  About me: Throughout my life I have traveled and lived all over the world, so it is very hard for me to pinpoint exactly where I am from! Currently, I live in Utah […]

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GRE Student Post: Stay Positive and Confident!

Taking the GRE with a full time job is tough! Below, we’re hearing from Katherine, who proves it’s possible to work a full-time job and score well on the GRE with only one month of prep! 🙂  I’m a recent college graduate and I received a BS in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. I’m currently working […]

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Student Post: GRE Tips from a former SAT Tutor

This week, we’ll hear about Neil’s experience with the GRE. As a former SAT Tutor, Neil, who scored a 336 overall, has some great tips for you! Thanks, Neil! About Me: I am a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, with degrees in both Mathematics and History.  After graduation, I worked for several years as a […]

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GRE Student Post: From a Humanities Degree to Applying to Computer Science Grad School

Today, Joe is telling us about his journey from an undergrad as History major to a CS grad school applicant, with a GRE pit stop on the way. Thanks for sharing, Joe! 🙂  Originally from Nevada, I now live in Boston, and have decided to make this year the busiest of my life. I work full […]

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GRE Student Post: How I Scored a 170 Verbal as a Non-Native Speaker

This week, Alberto is telling us about his experience with the exam. He got a perfect verbal score, and a 169 quant. Amazing job, Alberto! 🙂    Hi! My name is Alberto and I am from Mexico City. This coming fall I will be a Senior at the University of Rochester in Rochester, NY. I am […]

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GRE Student Post: “I’ve never been good with standardized tests.”

Today we’re hearing from Niraj, who intends to pursue a degree in Mathematical Biology (sounds pretty cool, Niraj!). Below, he has some great tips for those who struggle with standardized tests.    About me: Hello! My name is Niraj. I’m from West Bloomfield, Michigan. I went to Michigan State University for my undergraduate coursework and […]

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GRE Student Post: Vaijayanth’s Perfect Math Score

This lovely Thursday morning, we’ll be hearing from Vaijayanth, who got a perfect math score, and a 334 overall. Great job, Vaijayanth! 🙂  About me: I’m currently working at Cisco Systems in Bangalore. It has been 2 years since I started working and it’s going  great! I earned a B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering and […]

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GRE Student Post: Studying Without a Lot of Time

It’s Thursday, which means it’s time for another student post! This week we’re hearing from Jeanne, who’s had a really interesting career path, ultimately leading her to take the GRE. She graduated from Auburn University in 1996 with degree in philosophy. Upon graduating, she traveled to Seoul, South Korea, to teach English for a year. After that, […]

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