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GRE Math Quiz: Blog Concepts Review

Here is a quiz based on math concepts covered over the last month on the Magoosh GRE blog. See how many of the following five questions you can answer correctly in less than 8 minutes. Go! 1.聽Which of the following is a multiple of ? (A)聽 36,045 (B)聽 43,623 (C)聽 52,224 (D) 89,892 (E)聽 92,044 […]

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GRE Text Completion Quiz

The text completion can sometimes be a little puzzle that you have to unravel. For all of the parts to work, the blanks have to work together to create a coherent meaning. Sometimes, the most difficult text completions are those in which a coherent meaning only forms once all three pieces drop into place. With […]

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Vocabulary Quiz: Words from the Blog

As we’ve established, it’s great to read in context; however,聽if you never review words you鈥檝e encountered, then you are unlikely to retain them. Below is a sampling of words taken from recent vocabulary posts on the Magoosh blog. If you have not read the posts, then聽you should do so first! Also, make sure you have […]

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Vocabulary Quiz: High-Frequency GRE Words

  Over the last months, I鈥檝e been stressing the importance of learning vocabulary in context 鈥 reading articles, highlighting unknown words and then turning those words into flashcards. Such an approach rewards the diligent student over a period of time. Still, it is not the most effective method for learning words in a short time. […]

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GRE Vocabulary Quiz

Whether you are taking the test in its current form, or are pluckily gearing up for the Revised GRE, you still have to know your vocabulary. Over the months, I鈥檝e been putting up high-frequency GRE vocabulary words聽to help you navigate the verbal section on聽test day. Let鈥檚 see how many of these important GRE words you […]

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