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[Announcement] New Paragraph Argument Lessons and Questions!

Even if you’re fairly new to the GRE, you are probably already familiar with those pesky paragraphs in the verbal section, which ask you to analyze the argument. These question types, called Paragraph Arguments (also sometimes called “Critical Reasoning” or “Logical Reasoning”), are indeed the bane of many a test taker, as such questions can […]

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Magoosh now has FAQs for GRE Lesson Videos

Magoosh has been receiving feedback from users asking for extra clarification on certain aspects of our GRE Lesson Videos. In response, we have consolidated the most popular inquiries into Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) that appear below their respective Lesson Videos. We have also聽integrated related blog posts into Lesson Videos so that users have further information […]

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Magoosh Student Referral Rewards

Did you know you can get Amazon gift cards in return for telling your friends about Magoosh? Many of you often tell us that Magoosh is so awesome that you find yourself spreading the word, and we’re very thankful! As part of our thanks, we will send you a $10 Amazon gift card for each […]

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Full length GRE Practice Tests

Note: The current Magoosh platform has evolved from this time. Our practice tests now have the experimental section that the real GRE does, which is not a feature mentioned below from 2012. When we make changes to the platform, you automatically get those benefits! I’m very excited to announce that Magoosh now has full-length GRE […]

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GRE Quizzes from Magoosh

As many of you know, we recently re-designed the GRE lessons experience for our GRE product. Well, we didn’t stop there. I have some more exciting news! We just released another change to lessons – you can now take a short quiz to test yourself after watching a series of GRE lesson videos. How do […]

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