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GRE Prep App for Android and iPhone from Magoosh

Magoosh has a free study app that gives you access to blog posts, study guides, practice questions, and video lessons, all from your phone. It’s great for studying while commuting, traveling, standing in line, or otherwise on-the-go. Price: Free* Category: Education Download for Android: Google Play Download for iPhone: App Store * If you already […]

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The GRE Calculator Online

The GRE offers a simple on-screen calculator for use during the quantitative section. However, you need to practice using this calculator before taking the exam or you’ll risk making simple errors in calculation. You can take a look at the GRE calculator online by going to the official GRE website. But you can actually use the […]

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How to Predict Your GRE Score

To find out if you’re ready for test day, you need to predict your GRE score. But how do you predict or calculate your GRE score? To get an idea of what your GRE score might be, there are a number of things you should consider. How is GRE scored for Verbal and Quants? GRE raw […]

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New GRE Vocabulary Lessons

When you’re studying for the GRE, chances are vocabulary is on your mind. It’s on ours too which is why we create resources like weekly Vocab Wednesday videos and our Vocabulary eBook. Now we have great news for students looking for a little more vocabulary guidance–10 brand new vocabulary lesson videos! Each lesson guides you […]

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We Love Your Feedback

You may have noticed that you now have the option to leave feedback on our video lessons. Just below every lesson video we now ask Did you like this lesson? and you can click Yes, I liked it or No, I didn’t like it…though obviously we do a little happy dance for the yeses 🙂 […]

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Track All Your Notes in One Place

A while back (over 18 months ago!), we added a feature that let you take notes when reviewing a question. We later expanded notes to lessons. And now many of you have likely seen those pesky pencil icons reminding you to review your notes. The Problem But over the past year as student have created […]

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Explanation Videos for Official GRE Material

Hi, everyone! 🙂 If you’re a regular blog visitor, you’ve probably often read our recommendations for official material from ETS, whether it be Powerprep software, the Official Guide books, or the PDFs of the paper-based exams. We always suggest these resources since they’re as accurate as it gets when it comes to practice material– the […]

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