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Archive | New GRE vs. Old GRE

New GRE Question Type — The Empty Box (aka Numeric Entry)

Two trains starting from cities 300 miles apart head in opposite directions at rates of 70 mph and 50 mph, respectively. How long does it take the trains to cross paths? This is a classic problem that sends chills up students’ collective spines. I’m now going to add another bone rattling element: The Empty Box. […]

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The Revised GRE– What’s New on the Math Front?

Concept-wise, I would say the math section is business as usual, save for two things: coordinate geometry and the quadratic equation. While parabolas are tested on the current GRE, they are oddball questions, geometry outliers in the usually slew of right triangle and circle problems. In the revised GRE book, an entire section is devoted […]

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Will the New GRE be more Difficult?

The answer to this question depends not only the section—math or verbal—but also on the person taking the test. Let’s say you are asking about the verbal section. Well, if you a writer, lit major, avid reader, or just happen to possess a preternatural vocabulary, then I would say take the current test. Maybe. The […]

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Top 6 Changes Coming to the New GRE

6. See you later antonyms and analogies! Days spent underneath a dim light flipping through stacks of vocabulary cards may not quite be a thing of the past. Vocabulary is still an integral part of the verbal, especially the sentence completions. But no longer will it have to be you vs. the lone word in […]

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The New GRE and Guessing

Math Multiple Answer Consider each of the choices separately and select all that apply. A multiple-choice test consists of five-answer choices, of which two are correct. What is the probability that a student will randomly choose both correct answers? (A) 1/5 (B) 1/8 (C) 1/10 (D) 1/20 (E) This question applies directly to the new GRE. […]

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Be the First to Learn about the New GRE

Many know that the GRE is about to change. In a previous post, I gave a high-level account of the changes we can expect to see on the new GRE. Today, I’ll focus on a specific component—Sentence Completions. First, let’s talk about how Sentence Completions are not changing. You will have a sentence with one […]

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Should I wait to take the new GRE?

This is the most common question I get thse days from my students. There is no easy answer, and depending on whom you are—your background, strengths, weaknesses—the answer differs. So in order to give you a sense of my answers let me come up with three hypothetical students. Dana B. has been studying GRE vocab […]

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