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Archive | New GRE vs. Old GRE

New GRE: Highlight the Sentence

Back in August, amidst all the fanfare of the inauguration of the Revised GRE, I totally overlooked one of the new question types in my blog posts: Highlight the Sentence. Perhaps such an omission shouldn’t be surprising. For one there was the triple-blank sentence completion, which in all its glorious novelty (at least from a […]

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Is the New GRE Easier? The Verbal Section.

Is the New GRE Verbal Easier? I have a friend—let’s call him Tom—who subscribes to the New Yorker, the Economist, and the Atlantic Monthly. Weekly, he diligently works his way through the major articles and, as a result, is conversant on a variety of issues. In days past, people used to exchange lengthy emails, discussing anything from […]

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Sentence Equivalence Strategies for Difficult Questions – Revised GRE

The Scattered Clue In both Sentence Completions and Sentence Equivalence questions, a good strategy is looking for the clue—the part of the sentence that tells us what word goes in the blank. Sometimes, on Sentence Equivalence questions, clues tend to be scattered. That means you have to rely on several parts of the sentence to […]

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The Revised GRE – Sentence Equivalence Challenge

For those of you wondering whether to take the GRE, here is a type of question called Sentence Equivalence. The question is similar to today’s GRE Sentence Completions. However, Sentence Equivalence Questions have two possible answers, both of which have to complete the sentence in a way that gives the sentence the same meaning. Most […]

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5 Essential Strategies When Dealing with a Text Completion on the New GRE

A text completion is one of the new question types on the GRE. It is similar to a sentence completion, but has a few important differences. For one, there can be multiple sentences in a text completion. In fact, the text completion may sometimes run on for an entire paragraph. That’s because some text completions […]

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FAQ — Does the New GRE Allow You To Return To a Question You’ve Already Seen?

The short answer is yes. You can return to any question within a section. The real question is, how does this inform your strategy? One camp says that unless you have plenty of time remaining, which most won’t, you should work through each question as efficiently as possible without planning to return. If you don’t […]

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The Revised GRE– What’s New on the Math Front?

Concept-wise, I would say the math section is business as usual, save for two things: coordinate geometry and the quadratic equation. While parabolas are tested on the current GRE, they are oddball questions, geometry outliers in the usually slew of right triangle and circle problems. In the revised GRE book, an entire section is devoted […]

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