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Over the last six months, I’ve gone through quite a few Revised GRE prep books. One thing I’ve noticed missing is difficult questions relating to mean, median, and mode. Sure, most books describe how to find the average, and what the difference between the mean and the median. Many already know the above, but mean, […]

Today, we’ll cover special quadrilaterals and the facts that you should know. These will allow you to answer questions quickly and understand the basic nature of these shapes.   1) A Typical Parallelogram All parallelograms have the BIG FOUR properties: 1. Opposite sides are parallel—AB // CD, AD // BC 2. Opposite angles are congruent—∠BAD […]

Below are some tough word problems that require both close reading and sharp problem solving skills. To make these already difficult questions even more fiendish, I’ve made each a Numeric Entry question (sorry, no cool boxes). In some of the questions below, there are a few possible solution paths, some more elegant than others. If […]

A relatively common exponent question on the GRE will ask you to figure out the units digit of some number raised to an exponent, which usually results in a number roughly equivalent to the number of grains of sand in the Sahara, and thus out of reach of the GRE calculator. Take a look at […]

Suppose you have been away from math for a while, perhaps since Algebra Two and the SAT in high school.  After these necessarily evils, you bid it a hasty farewell and gave it the bum’s rush from your entire life.  Now, several years later, you have completed a Baccalaureate degree in something, and wish to […]