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GRE math practice questions are some of the top requested resources at Magoosh. But there's something just as important as practice questions: well-written answer explanations. TIP: Remember to always check your answers after each practice set in order to understand why you got some questions wrong and—for the questions you got right—how you could answer them faster in the future.

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Below are some tough word problems that require both close reading and sharp problem solving skills. To make these already difficult questions even more fiendish, I’ve made each a Numeric Entry question (sorry, no cool boxes). In some of the questions below, there are a few possible solution paths, some more elegant than others. If […]

Most Recent GRE Math Practice

Over the last six months, I’ve gone through quite a few Revised GRE prep books. One thing I’ve noticed missing is difficult questions relating to mean, median, and mode. Sure, most books describe how to find the average, and what the difference between the mean and the median. Many already know the above, but mean, […]

A relatively common exponent question on the GRE will ask you to figure out the units digit of some number raised to an exponent, which usually results in a number roughly equivalent to the number of grains of sand in the Sahara, and thus out of reach of the GRE calculator. Take a look at […]

Boxplots are one data format you may see on the GRE Data Interpretation questions.  First, try these practice questions. (The following diagram applies to questions #1-3) The following boxplot shows the 2012 season runs batted in (RBIs) of 280 American League batters (the top 280 batters in terms of number of plate appearances). 1) What […]

If you’ve been studying GRE for some time, you’ve very likely encountered the following: . You may, however, only seen the following equation in the context of algebra. Nevertheless, the formula above applies to number properties. Let’s take a look. While you may be tempted to make a mad dash at it, calculating each of […]

The Revised GRE is a long, grueling test. To get a perfect score on the quantitative section (a 170) you will not only have to answer the difficult questions correctly, but you will also have to answer all of the easy ones. Nonetheless, I’ve focused on the difficult questions for the 170-challenge. I can’t promise […]