GRE Arithmetic

GRE arithmetic is one of the content areas you'll encounger on the Quantitative Reasoning Measure. This area includes topics such as integer properties, divisibility, factorization, exponents, roots, percents, ratios, rates, and more. Brush up on your math basics to ace GRE arithmetic.

Learn arithmetic basics and tips

Most Popular GRE Arithmetic

If GRE math concepts were people, Least Common Multiple (LCM) would hardly be the most noticeable person in the room. After all, we have the really big personalities who always elbow for attention: Probability, Work Rates and Combinations (none of whom would win the popularity context). Then, there are Exponents standing together menacingly with Coordinate […]

The 4th of July weekend is upon us, and many of us will be taking road trips, or even taking a plane somewhere. To commemorate this collective movement, let’s learn the most fundamental formula when dealing with movement over time. First, let’s meet Bob… Bob drives at an average rate of 50 mph from Berkeley […]

Most Recent GRE Arithmetic

Proportions are extremely common on the GRE. If you don’t have a strong grasp of them, and you are busy trying to figure out combinations/permutations or probability, stop. Focus your attention on mastering proportions before moving on to more tertiary concepts. So let’s start basic. Proportions can be broken up into two groups: direct proportions […]

What better way to spend the weekend than with your favorite friends: integers? Okay, maybe integers aren’t your best friends. But trust me, they are much better company than irrational numbers. Below are five problems dealing with integers and integer properties. They are definitely not too challenging. In fact, many can be solved using mental […]