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Archive | QC: Quantitative Comparison

GRE Quantitative Comparison Tip #5 – Estimation with a Twist

Here’s the whole series of QC tips: Tip #1: Dealing with Variables Tip #2: Striving for Equality Tip #3: Logic over Algebra Tip #4: Comparing in Parts Tip #5: Estimation with a Twist   In my last post, we solved the following question:         A. The quantity in Column A is greater B. The quantity […]

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GRE Quantitative Comparison Tip #4 – Comparing in Parts

To set up today’s Quantitative Comparison (QC) strategy, please solve the following question:           A. The quantity in Column A is greater B. The quantity in Column B is greater C. The two quantities are equal D. The relationship cannot be determined from the information given There are several different ways to solve this question. […]

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GRE Quantitative Comparison Tip #3 – Logic over Algebra

In previous posts (Tip #1 – Dealing with Variables, Tip #2: Striving for Equality), I have discussed two approaches when tackling Quantitative Comparison (QC) questions involving variables. Those approaches are: 1) Apply algebraic techniques 2) Plug in numbers In those posts, I noted that the algebraic approach is typically the faster and more reliable approach. […]

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GRE Quantitative Comparison Tip #2: Striving for Equality

In my previous post, we examined the pros and cons of two approaches for tackling Quantitative Comparison (QC) questions involving variables. Those approaches are: Apply algebraic techniques Plug in numbers In today’s post, we’ll examine a useful strategy that can increase the effectiveness of the plug-in-numbers approach. To set up today’s strategy, please consider the […]

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Quantitative Comparison Traps

Quantitative Comparison (QC) is a huge part of the GRE math, roughly half. Often, when prepping, you may forget this and spend much more time on problem solving. Quantitative Comparison is a unique beast—while the math concepts are the exact same as those covered in Problem Solving, QC can be very tricky. In fact, the […]

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Part II: Does Plugging in Work on GRE Quantitative Comparison?

Can Plugging In Work on Quantitative Comparison? Plugging in, a great strategy on problem solving, can also be very effective on the current and new GRE’s quantitative comparisons. The ground rules for plugging in on quantitative comparison, however, are a little different. But before I explain how, why don’t you try to crack the following problem. Xyla […]

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The Revised GRE– What’s New on the Math Front?

Concept-wise, I would say the math section is business as usual, save for two things: coordinate geometry and the quadratic equation. While parabolas are tested on the current GRE, they are oddball questions, geometry outliers in the usually slew of right triangle and circle problems. In the revised GRE book, an entire section is devoted […]

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Quantitative Comparison (QC)- Huge Numbers

Okay, here is a tricky quantitative comparison question. Let’s see if you can get it in less than two minutes! Column A                                                            Column B 10^7                                                     […]

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