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Archive | Numeric Entry

GRE Math Questions & Practice

According to ETS (the makers of the GRE), the GRE Quantitative Reasoning measure is a test that assesses your basic math skills, understanding of simple math concepts, ability to reason quantitatively, and aptitude for solving problems using quantitative methods. This is really just a fancy way of saying that you better know your math concepts […]

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GRE Numeric Entry Questions

One of the most dread-inducing additions to the GRE—back when it changed in Aug. 2011—was the Numeric Entry question. The reason is apparent: instead of five answer choices to guide you, suddenly there is nothing more than a box, a big blank waiting for you to cough up one number out of millions (if not […]

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How to Approach Complicated Math Problems

Every GRE test is going to have a few math questions that are very difficult. Upon seeing them, you may become completely flustered and believe that there is no way you are able to solve such a question. Oftentimes this is not the case. Rather, you fall into any number of traps that prevent you […]

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GRE Perfect Math Score Challenge

The Revised GRE is a long, grueling test. To get a perfect score on the quantitative section (a 170) you will not only have to answer the difficult questions correctly, but you will also have to answer all of the easy ones. Nonetheless, I’ve focused on the difficult questions for the 170-challenge. I can’t promise […]

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Numeric Entry Practice Question of the Week #21

This week’s practice question is Numeric Entry, so no answer choices are given! You’ll have to type the number in to submit your answer. Good luck, we’ll be posting the answer and explanation tomorrow! If , what is the value of n?   Update: Here’s the answer/explanation post!

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Statistics Practice Question of the Week #17 Answer

Here’s the answer to yesterday’s numeric entry question:   Video Explanation:   Hope the explanations helped!  We’ll be posting the practice questions and answers on Monday and Tuesday, respectively, from now on so see you next Monday for another practice problem!

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