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Student Post: Believe That You Can Ace the GRE!

ABOUT ME. I’m Ogonna Anaekwe from Nigeria. My bachelor’s degree is in economics. I like watching football, the Big Bang Theory, Suits, and Scandal. Also, I never tire of watching 24 (Jack Bauer is awesome). I like watching people dance and sing. (Yeah! I watch a lot, sometimes I over-watch. I can’t wait for the […]

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Student Post: Follow a Study Plan!

About me: My name is Abhishek Thosar. I’m from Mumbai, India, but currently work in another city – Chennai, India. I am a graduate from Indian Institute of Technology (BHU) – Varanasi, and my undergraduate major was in Mechanical Engineering. I am a fun-loving, super-social guy generally but behave as an introvert at times. I […]

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Student Post: Learn the Time-Saving Methods for the Math Section

About me: I am an older student with a career in information technology. Although I’ve been fortunate enough to develop a fulfilling career, it was a personal goal of mine to finish that degree I didn’t get when I was younger and dumber. Went back to school in my 30s and got my degree in […]

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GRE Student Post: 2 Week Preparation

Today, we’re hearing from Xizewen, who has some great tips for working on your math skills. 🙂  My approach: During my two-week preparation period of GRE, I mainly used two products of Magoosh, the GRE Vocabulary Flashcards, and the practice problems of math section. Although I didn’t have much time to prepare for the exam, the […]

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Student Post: Take the GRE Seriously!

Today, we’re hearing from Theodore. Thanks for the great post! 🙂  About me: I am from Oakland, California. I majored in Political Economy– which is sort of like an economics major without math. We read economic philosophy texts, like Veblen, Marx, Hayek, etc. Unfortunately, I realized later on, after working for several years as an analyst, […]

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