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When Should You Apply to Grad School?

Congratulations! You’ve decided to go for an advanced degree. Are you wondering when to apply and how to get started? Here are some things that will help you determine your readiness to apply: 1. You have a specific goal that needs a graduate degree. If you want to become a lawyer, doctor, or researcher, then […]

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Benefits of Taking Grad School Exams Early

By fall of junior year in high school, many are already cramming for the SAT and the ACT. Why isn’t there the same urgency for college students applying to graduate school? It shouldn’t come as a surprise that while the majority of college students have considered applying to graduate school, many don’t follow through with […]

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Crush Empire-Magoosh Scholarship Program

Crush Empire is a digital media company that focuses on helping students score higher on their exams via study tips and review courses. In this economic climate, however, the cost of courses may be the only thing standing between a student and a higher score. That’s why Crush Empire partnered with Magoosh to help alleviate […]

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Financing your Master’s: Where to Start

As soon as the call comes in with news that a Master’s applicant has been accepted, it’s almost impossible to shake the smile. And then the financial reality hits. Financing an international Master’s education is scary stuff. Where do you start? How will you manage? Start as soon as possible. Before doing anything else, compile […]

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More Ways to Deal with Your Low GPA

Several months ago we shared 3 tips on dealing with a low GPA. Here are 2 more tips to get you out of that GPA rut and help you create a strong application, despite your low stats. 1. Add context to your low GPA   Despite taking additional classes and having a great test score, […]

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Student Post: Believe That You Can Ace the GRE!

ABOUT ME. I’m Ogonna Anaekwe from Nigeria. My bachelor’s degree is in economics. I like watching football, the Big Bang Theory, Suits, and Scandal. Also, I never tire of watching 24 (Jack Bauer is awesome). I like watching people dance and sing. (Yeah! I watch a lot, sometimes I over-watch. I can’t wait for the […]

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