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Archive | GRE Verbal Practice

Verbal practice questions to help you prep.

Why I Teach Plato to Plumbers By Scott Samuelson for The Atlantic This month’s article, Why I Teach Plato to Plumbers, really caught my attention, because it was basically a response to an Issue Prompt I was writing about in a blog post: Educational institutions should actively encourage their students to choose fields of study […]

How Philosophy Makes Progress By Rebecca Newberger Goldstein for The Chronicle of Higher Education This month’s article poses the question as to whether philosophy has become obsolete. After all, what philosophy has only been able to speculate about, science has provided evidence for (e.g. the nature of time and matter, and that grey stuff behind […]

Hello Magooshers! As you all know, the GRE is a Computer Adaptive Test, so what better way to study GRE vocabulary than with CAT vocabulary? Below is a list of GRE vocabulary words. Match them up with the most appropriate cat photo (each word corresponds with only one photo each), and comment with your answers […]

What Scientific Idea is Ready for Retirement? From This Month’s Selection A wealth of styles; a wealth of ideas—that’s how I would describe this article. Oops, wait! I left out a wealth of vocabulary. It’s all here in this month’s Article of the Month. Sure, it’s not necessarily an article, but rather a collection […]

When prepping for the GRE, it is easy to get carried away in learning big-sounding words, such as apotheosis and portentous, forgetting that success on Text Completions is dependent on your ability to understand the context of a sentence. Oftentimes, the answer-choices themselves are not these big—portentous—sounding words, but relatively straightforward words that, when you […]

The following is a skeletal outline of a complex passage drawn from a real LSAT test ( I recommend LSAT RC passages because they’re very similar to GRE RC, and will be completely fresh to you, since you’ve probably seen many GRE passages (especially from the OG) before. The idea here is that you pay […]

We Aren’t the World By Ethan Watters for Pacific Standard This month’s article comes from a relatively new—but highly respected magazine—Pacific Standard. Writer Ethan Watters explores the idea that much of what social scientists believe is hard-wired (or innate) may actually be influenced by culture. To anybody who has ever taken a psychology class this […]