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How Many Statistics Questions are on the GRE?

Back in the days of the old GRE, there was only one book out on the market written by ETS (the creators of the test): the hoary 1991 tome Practicing to Take the GRE. At that point, there were few, if any questions, relating to statistics (probably a straightforward median and mode question). Of course […]

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Breakdown of the Most Commonly Tested GRE Quant Concepts

The 2nd edition Official Guide has just been released. At the back of the book is a new test (GRE Practice Test 2). In general, the concept break down is not surprising, if you look at the concepts that pop up in Practice Test 1 (which is the same as the practice test in the […]

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Standard Deviation on the New GRE

Many quake in their boots when they hear that there will be Statistics covered on the GRE. They run to their college stats textbooks, dust off the cover, roll up their sleeves, and start computing the standard deviations of a list of twenty, three-digit numbers. Stop, if this in anyway describes you. The Statistics on […]

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GRE Quartiles and the Interquartile Range

Statisticians point out that it’s often useful to “chunk” data to understand it.  What does it mean to “chunk” data? It means dividing a long list into smaller chunks so that, with a few well-chosen numbers, we can get a sense of the layout of the list. The fundamental “chunking” number is the median.  The […]

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Normal Distribution on the GRE

A distribution is a graph that shows what values of variable are more or less common in a population. Where the graph is higher, there are more people, and where the graph has a height close to zero, there are fewer people.   By far, the most famous and most useful distribution is the Normal […]

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GRE Statistics

Below are the essentials to statistics on the GRE math section. These concepts are essential, so make sure you master them before walking into the test!   Mean The mean is another way of saying average. To find the average add up the number of elements in the set and divide by the number of […]

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Math Strategies: Averages Are Rarely Average in Difficulty

An average day on the blog posts, so to speak. Today, we’ll deal with a topic that many students give short shrift – averages/mean. Oftentimes, the reason students don’t give them much consideration is that averages seem straightforward. Indeed, you may cavalierly shrug your shoulders, thinking “anyone can find the mean – just add up the […]

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