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Archive | GRE Data Analysis

GRE Math Shortcut: Statistics

Consider the following question: Set T consists of all multiples of 5 from 30 to 225 inclusive Column A Column B Mean of Set T Median of Set T   A. The quantity in Column A is greater B. The quantity in Column B is greater C. The two quantities are equal D. The relationship […]

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GRE Statistics

Below are the essentials to statistics on the GRE math section. These concepts are essential, so make sure you master them before walking into the test!   Mean The mean is another way of saying average. To find the average add up the number of elements in the set and divide by the number of […]

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GRE Combinations and…Non-combinations

 Whenever I see a GRE resource label its counting section as “Combinations and Permutations,” a small part of me dies a little. Okay, that’s an exaggeration, but I am concerned about the misleading message that this sort of title conveys. To me, it suggests that counting questions can be solved using either permutations or combinations, […]

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GRE Probability Questions

If you’re like most students, you probably struggle with the GRE’s time constraints, and you probably have difficulties with probability questions. Great! In this article, we’ll examine how probability questions can provide you with a convenient opportunity to make up lost time. To set this up, please consider the following scenario: It’s test day, and […]

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