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Sentence Completion Practice Question of the Week #3: Answer!

Sentence Completion: The ——- retort was always the last refuge of the jester. And this time, the king’s gadfly went so far as to verge on ——-. A. humorous . . deceit B. ebullient . . disloyalty C. scabrous . . treason D. crude . . sycophancy E. inappropriate . . hilarity The answer is […]

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GRE Math – Mean and Median (Sorry Mode, You Weren’t Invited)

Mean and Median This is an area of math that is oftentimes given short shrift. Many students think, hey, I know median and mode—those problems are easy. On the actual test, though, students oftentimes end up trying to solve a mean problem in a far more laborious and time-consuming way than is necessary. Take a […]

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GRE Vocabulary Quiz

Whether you are taking the test in its current form, or are pluckily gearing up for the Revised GRE, you still have to know your vocabulary. Over the months, I’ve been putting up high-frequency GRE vocabulary words to help you navigate the verbal section on test day. Let’s see how many of these important GRE words you […]

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Math Challenge Response

Well, nobody ventured forth an answer, and that’s okay– I did preface the problem by saying none of my students was able to solve this. And there is good reason–this problem is close to the 800 level. Unless you are shooting for that score you might not even see a problem that is this difficult. That said, […]

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