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GRE Math – Exponent Challenge

A relatively common exponent question on the GRE will ask you to figure out the units digit of some number raised to an exponent, which usually results in a number roughly equivalent to the number of grains of sand in the Sahara, and thus out of reach of the GRE calculator. Take a look at […]

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GRE Math Multi-subject Challenge Question

Once in a while it is fun to take a concept in an official GRE question and run with it. The question below is inspired by a question from the 2nd edition Official Guide. That is not to say it is that similar; I have only extracted a couple of concepts from that problem. I’ve […]

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GRE Critical Reasoning Question: The Logic of “Except”

EXCEPT questions can be very time consuming. The key is not to get too hung up on one answer choice. Instead, eliminate the ones that are obviously wrong. On the ones in which you are unsure on, come back to them later. Sometimes, there will only be a couple of answer choices left. Then you […]

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Sentence Equivalence: Practice Question of the Week #36 Answer

Here’s the answer to yesterday’s practice question, thanks for sending in your answers! Special kudos to madhan_2005 for writing up a great explanation in the comments as well 🙂 Directions: select exactly two words that best complete the sentence and produce sentences that are alike in meaning. Exposure to sustained noise almost certainly impairs blood pressure regulation in human […]

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Three GRE Challenge Combinations and Permutations Problems

These challenge questions are great for extra practice. However, be warned: while I provide the answers, I don’t provide the explanations. If you’d like to try practice problems with explanations, check out Magoosh’s 15 GRE math practice problems and my biweekly Brain Twisters! Over the last few weeks, I have gone through GRE combinations and […]

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Strategies for Difficult GRE Questions

Below is a challenging GRE question. However, instead of just having you take a blind hack at it, I want to provide a little bit of context. First off, if you sense that a question is very difficult on the test – be it a verbal or quantitative one – then skip it. Because the […]

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GRE Reading Comprehension Practice Question of the Week #22

This week’s question is a standard Reading Comprehension problem: Choose the option that best answers the question. Good luck, we’ll be posting the answer tomorrow! The social psychology concept of cognitive dissonance explains many of people’s otherwise inexplicable attitudes and actions. According to this theory, people often unconsciously alter their perceptions and evaluations of “reality” to […]

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Difficult GRE Vocabulary

I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again, only because many publishers continue using really difficult and obscure words that will not be tested: the new GRE is not a test of vocabulary; it is a test of context recognition. You will be rewarded for analytical skills, not so much for memorization.  Many of […]

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Reading Comprehension Practice Question of the Week #18 Answer

Here are the answer and explanation to yesterday’s practice question: An application for (Department of Housing and Urban Development) HUD funding requires review at every stage of the process. Evaluation by a community-based local board whose charge is to rank proposals based on their likelihood of achieving agreed-upon community goals is the first stage of […]

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Sentence Completion Practice Question of the Week #3: Answer!

Sentence Completion: The ——- retort was always the last refuge of the jester. And this time, the king’s gadfly went so far as to verge on ——-. A. humorous . . deceit B. ebullient . . disloyalty C. scabrous . . treason D. crude . . sycophancy E. inappropriate . . hilarity The answer is […]

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