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Magoosh Brain Twister: Looking for Mr. Right Triangle – Explanation

Before we get started, make sure you remember Monday’s Brain Twister! Question Right triangle DEF has a hypotenuse of less than 7. What is the maximum possible area of DEF, if the area of DEF is an integer? Numeric Entry: [_____________]   Answer and Explanation To maximize the area of a right triangle, we must […]

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Explanations to the TC Challenge Questions

About a month back, I released some new TC questions I鈥檇 come up with鈥攓uestions inspired, albeit somewhat loosely, by ETS鈥檚 verbal guide. The response to these questions was more than I had expected. I was quite surprised. Of course, many people simply wanted the answers and the explanations. In that regard, I was totally derelict. […]

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