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GRE Book Reviews

Welcome to Magoosh’s annual roundup of GRE book reviews. There were some changes in the last year, so pay close attention to our 2015 GRE book reviews and recommendations. 馃檪 There were some exciting changes made in the last year! For the first time ever, ETS released an official guide for the math and an […]

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Barron鈥檚 1100 Book Review

If you鈥檝e been a fan of this blog鈥攐r if you鈥檝e been simply following the recommendations鈥攜ou鈥檝e heard me mention an excellent source for vocabulary: Barron鈥檚 1100 Words You Need to Know. So it may come as a surprise that I鈥檓 reviewing the book only now. The truth is, I am definitely remiss in never doing a […]

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Barron鈥檚 GRE Verbal Workbook Book Review

This book isn’t exactly of the new crop of 2013 books, but I was excited to pick up Barron鈥檚 Verbal Workbook for the GRE. After all, Barron鈥檚 has done a decent job in its New GRE guide. The questions, while not on par with those of the Official Material, at least provided an introduction to […]

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Barron鈥檚 6 GRE Practice Tests Book Review

After a slew of abysmal GRE prep books鈥攕ome of Barron鈥檚 offerings included鈥擝arron鈥檚 6 GRE Practice Tests is a welcome relief. That is not to say the book is perfect. But for GRE mock tests鈥攊ndeed GRE practice questions鈥攐ne could do a lot worse.   What’s Good about Barron’s GRE Compared to most of the prep books […]

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Manhattan 5 lb Book of GRE Practice Problems Review

Update June 2015: Review of the second edition of this book is now available here!聽 Manhattan GRE (MGRE) is one of the best study sources for the GRE. However, one thing they鈥檝e always been lacking is book-based practice questions鈥攎ost of their questions comprise their six online tests. Well, the folks over at MGRE have more […]

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GRE for Dummies Premier 7th Edition Book Review

Imagine you want to learn Spanish. You find a tutor, and he teaches you vocabulary and conversation. He鈥檚 a real fun, laid back guy and he makes learning fun. After a few months, you feel confident handling basic situations, such as ordering coffee and using a taxi to arrive at your destination. Off to Costa […]

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ETS GRE Success Starter: The Test Maker’s Guide to Doing Your Best

ETS has just released a very helpful video that answers many of the questions students are constantly asking me. How does the ScoreSelect option work? What does the calculator look like and how does it work? Is scrolling between questions intuitive? You can find the video on their site, here:聽 At the same time, much […]

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Manhattan GRE 3rd Edition Book Review

For those of you who read my review of Manhattan GRE 2nd edition (MGRE)鈥攊ndeed who鈥檝e followed my advice by picking up a copy or two or MGRE鈥攜ou may have been awaiting my review of the latest, 3rd edition guides. Nope, that鈥檚 not me setting up to tell you how I鈥檝e decided not to write a […]

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Nova’s GRE Prep Course Book Review

Update: NOVA now does have a test prep book for the New GRE. But we’ve kept this review in place for those using the old NOVA book. Let me start out by explicitly stating: NOVA’s does not have a test prep book for the New GRE. Its only offering is for the old GRE. Yet […]

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Gruber鈥檚 Complete GRE Guide 2012: Book Review

Gruber’s Math For Math, Gruber鈥檚 goes through the basics. It provides practice problems and voil脿 you are ready for the GRE. Or are you? Gruber鈥檚 Math is lacking on four levels: Layout: This is probably one of the last user-friendly GRE prep guides from the standpoint of layout. The math section especially feels like an […]

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