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This is a great question, whether you’ve taken the old GRE or are just embarking on your GRE journey. The short answer is that the new GRE test is still adaptive, but in a very different way.   The Adaptive Nature of the Revised GRE On the old GRE, the test adapted within each section. […]

Update 8/30/12: based on the suggestions of many of our non-native GRE students, we’ve released Magoosh English! Enjoy! 🙂 Update 5/10/14: We also recommend checking out our Magoosh TOEFL blog for more tips! First, I’m going to say that I have great admiration for anyone who is willing to take a standardized exam in a language […]

Hire a GRE Tutor/Take a Class The most obvious approach is to hire a tutor, if one is offered in your area, or take a class, if you find one nearby. One advantage of a tutor is he/she can help target areas where you need work, assigning practice problems and citing helping resources. While a […]

Is the New GRE Verbal Easier? I have a friend—let’s call him Tom—who subscribes to the New Yorker, the Economist, and the Atlantic Monthly. Weekly, he diligently works his way through the major articles and, as a result, is conversant on a variety of issues. In days past, people used to exchange lengthy emails, discussing anything from […]

Self-Learning With the glut of materials available on the market—from the paperbound travesties to ETS materials—the self-learner has never had more resources at his or her fingertips. The point of this post, however, is not to invoke caveat emptor (buyer beware), but to focus on the learning process that happens when we try learning on […]

I just had a great question from somebody regarding taking a break from studying. The student was feeling burned out from staring endlessly at the Barron’s 3500 word list. So is it harmful to take time off or would a little break give your brain? A brief respite can be a great way to let […]