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Answers to the top questions from Magoosh GRE students.

Imagine making the GRE a three-hour test instead of a four-hour one. All you have to do is skip both AWA essays. And if you already taken the GRE and have scored really well on both essays what is there to lose, right? The answer is an awful lot, depending on the programs you are […]

This is a great question, whether you’ve taken the old GRE or are just embarking on your GRE journey. The short answer is that the new GRE test is still adaptive, but in a very different way.   The Adaptive Nature of the Revised GRE On the old GRE, the test adapted within each section. […]

Is the New GRE Verbal Easier? I have a friend—let’s call him Tom—who subscribes to the New Yorker, the Economist, and the Atlantic Monthly. Weekly, he diligently works his way through the major articles and, as a result, is conversant on a variety of issues. In days past, people used to exchange lengthy emails, discussing anything from […]