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GRE Math: Histograms

First, a practice question about the following scenario. In a survey, 86 high school students were randomly selected and asked how many hours of television they had watched in the previous week.  The histogram below displays their answers.     1)   Histogram First, a reminder on histograms.  Histograms are not simple bar or column […]

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Boxplots on the GRE

Boxplots are one data format you may see on the GRE Data Interpretation questions.  First, try these practice questions. (The following diagram applies to questions #1-3) The following boxplot shows the 2012 season runs batted in (RBIs) of 280 American League batters (the top 280 batters in terms of number of plate appearances). 1) What […]

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How to Do GRE Math Faster

Practice Question Solve this question.  Allot yourself a strict 1.5 minute time limit. 1) In the figure, ABCD is a square, and all the dots are evenly spaced: each vertical or horizontal distance between two adjacent dots is 3 units.  Find the area of the shaded region. 60 72 81 96 120 An explanation will […]

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What Unit Conversions Should You Know For The GRE?

Many times, if units are involved in a GRE Math question, the question itself will supply the relative conversions.  Sometimes, though, it expects you to have a few basic ones memorized.  What should you know?   The very basic, very common conversions Even the ones in this category, the test may supply, but sometimes it […]

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Best Fit Lines in GRE Data Interpretation

One category of graph you certainly could see on GRE Data Interpretation questions is the scatterplot, and its associated idea of the best fit line. Let’s talk about how these beasts operate! Scatterplots To begin, let’s review scatterplots.  When each data point (each person, each car, each company, etc.) gives you a value for two […]

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The Basics of Data Interpretation on the GRE

Data interpretation, or data analysis, is one of four main concepts under which GRE math questions can be categorized. Within each Quantitative section, you will have, on average, two sets of Data Interpretation questions.  Each set will present data in some form (graph, table, etc.), and you will have two or three consecutive questions on […]

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6 Month GRE Study Plan (Advanced Math)

OK, you are starting more or less from scratch, and you want to prepare for the GRE in six months. You need a GRE study schedule to organize yourself. I designed two different versions of the Six Month Plan, and I need you to start with a little self-diagnosis. Which sounds most like you? 6 […]

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90 Day GRE Study Plan (Verbal Focused)

Bonus: This study schedule is also available in a redesigned, printable version! OK, you are starting more or less from scratch, and you want to prepare for the GRE in 90 days.  You need a GRE study schedule to organize yourself.  I designed four different versions of the 90 Day Plan, and I need you […]

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