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Challenging GRE QC Problems on Number Properties

Get your GRE math practice in with these nine GRE Quantitative Comparison questions, ranging in difficulty from moderate to quite hard (arguably as hard as, or perhaps harder than, anything you would see on the GRE Quant section).  Solutions will come at the end of the article.  Remember: don’t touch a calculator! 1)     […]

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GRE Quantitative Comparison Geometry Practice Problems

Here is a batch of 7 practice QC questions.  Explanations will come at the end of the article. Note: all quantitative comparison questions have the same four answer choices.  I didn’t copy the answer choices for each question in this post, so please note the answer choices below: a. Quantity A is greater. b. Quantity B […]

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Special Quadrilaterals on the GRE

Today, we’ll cover special quadrilaterals and the facts that you should know. These will allow you to answer questions quickly and understand the basic nature of these shapes.   1) A Typical Parallelogram All parallelograms have the BIG FOUR properties: 1. Opposite sides are parallel—AB // CD, AD // BC 2. Opposite angles are congruent—∠BAD […]

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Good! I Got it Wrong!

Children and more mature students typically differ in their response to getting a question incorrect.   For younger children, and especially for self-absorbed teenagers, getting answers wrong can too easily be interpreted as some kind of negative personal message (e.g. “I’m dumb”, “there’s something wrong with me”, etc.) and it becomes a negative frustrating experience. Getting […]

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GRE Geometry Diagram Assumptions

What can you assume on GRE geometry diagrams, and what can’t you assume?  First, here are a couple of practice questions. 1) Quadrilateral ABCD is a rectangle. 2)   What you can’t assume on GRE geometry problems The biggie is: no diagram is drawn to scale.  That means — if nothing is specified about the […]

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