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Author Archive | Chris Lele

GRE Scratch Paper

So … The GRE. What to bring? Is there special GRE scratch paper? Are there fancy GRE pencils? Custom GRE calculators? The answer is yes — kinda. Checking in to a testing center can be a dehumanizing experience. You must empty all your pockets, store your valuables in a locker, and, once you are inside the […]

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Can You Use a Calculator on the GRE?

This is a very popular question, and the answer often elicits a sigh of relief. So, I’ll get it out of the way: yes, you can use a calculator. The GRE calculator. But using a calculator whenever you can is not always the best idea. We’ll share why mental math is just as important to […]

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How Long is the GRE?

The GRE can seem extremely grueling. It’s like a marathon but worse. It takes longer (at least for many) and it’s like having mini-sections throughout the marathon, in which you have to reach each quarter-way mark in a certain time or the road will open up and swallow you. Okay, that last bit was an […]

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Should I Take the GRE Again? Is it Worth it?

Studying for and taking the GRE is a massive undertaking. You’ve probably asked, “How often can you take the GRE?” and “How long do you need to study for the GRE?” But instead of beginning with those questions, I’m going to start this post in a rather unorthodox way. Don’t worry — I’ll give a […]

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Barron’s GRE 21st Edition Book Review

Oh Barron’s GRE 21st Edition… when it comes to finding updates in your newly published content, we find you quite barren (No? It almost works, okay. I’ll stop now.) That one of the most noticeable changes from Barron’s 19th edition to the 20th edition was that the phrase “New GRE” on the cover was replaced […]

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ETS Official Guide to the GRE Revised General Test 3rd Edition Book Review

The ETS, also known as the maker of the GRE, released its newest ETS GRE book–the 2nd edition–back in 2012. That’s five long years since we’ve last seen any changes to the official guide. Surely, the 3rd edition that recently hit Amazon “book shelves” would offer a trove of new questions, giving us deeper insight […]

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GRE Math Formula eBook

Based on your suggestions, we’re excited to offer you this eBook compilation of must-know GRE math formulas for you to reference and memorize as you study! Though memorizing a math formula (or twelve) isn’t the only way to study for GRE Quant, knowing certain frequently-tested formulas by heart will help you improve your speed on […]

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Manhattan GRE Book Review

Burn all your other prep books! Were money not an issue, I could say this with confidence. The Manhattan Test Prep GRE series is so good that the rest of the books out there are basically jokes. That is not to say that Manhattan GRE is perfect (though it comes close in the math portion). […]

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GRE Vocab Wednesday: Words from Magooshers

About a month ago, I polled people (mostly GRE aspirants) on my FB page as to what their favorite GRE words were. I got some very interesting responses. Here are a few of those words. Perhaps your favorite is among them! Phantasmagorical Back in Victorian England, there were these exhibitions featuring shadows flashing on the […]

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GRE Math: What’s the Difference Between Combination and Permutation?

Do you know the difference between permutation and combination? No? You’re not alone. Combinations and permutations are the bane of many students. Yet, what I’ve noticed over the years is it’s not so much both of them that are the issue as it is which one to use for a particular problem: the combination vs […]

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