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Reading Vocabulary in Context: Where Should I Start?

Choosing articles at random from The New York Times, The New Yorker, and The Atlantic Monthly is much like walking straight into a vast, dense forest and hoping you will find a path through the woods. To find insightful, nuanced articles, one has to contend with the weeds and underbrush (to continue the bosky metaphor) of […]

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GRE Vocabulary List: Words with Multiple Meanings

GRE vocabulary can be tricky because many words on the exam have double meanings. When the GRE tests double meanings, it’s usually the secondary definition of common words. Some words even have multiple meanings (we’re talking triple, or even quadruple meanings here). Sounds intimidating? Not to worry. I’m here to go over some of the […]

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How to “Read in Context” for the GRE

Words are elusive, chimerical creatures. They shift connotations depending on the situation, rearing their heads in surprising contexts. A dictionary, or denotative definition, can become all but useless. So it’s no surprise that any attempts to cage the semantic beast in the static, one dimensionality of a flashcard will be doomed. What does this all […]

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Difficult GRE Vocabulary

I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again, only because many publishers continue using really difficult and obscure words that will not be tested: the new GRE is not a test of vocabulary; it is a test of context recognition. You will be rewarded for analytical skills, not so much for memorization.  Many of […]

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GRE Vocabulary Books: Recommended Fiction and Non-Fiction (Updated for 2021)

For those of you who live near a bookstore: To simply walk in and pick up a book that is captivating and charged with GRE Verbal type of language is tantamount to finding the proverbial needle in a haystack. To save you the time of engaging in such a futile search, I will recommend books that […]

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