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GRE Book Reviews

Welcome to Magoosh’s annual roundup of GRE book reviews. There were some changes in the last year, so pay close attention to our 2015 GRE book reviews and recommendations. 🙂 There were some exciting changes made in the last year! For the first time ever, ETS released an official guide for the math and an […]

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Barron’s 1100 Book Review

If you’ve been a fan of this blog—or if you’ve been simply following the recommendations—you’ve heard me mention an excellent source for vocabulary: Barron’s 1100 Words You Need to Know. So it may come as a surprise that I’m reviewing the book only now. The truth is, I am definitely remiss in never doing a […]

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GRE Vocabulary Books: Recommended Fiction and Non-Fiction (Updated for 2020)

For those of you who live near a bookstore: To simply walk in and pick up a book that is captivating and charged with GRE-style language is tantamount to finding the proverbial needle in a haystack. To save you the time of engaging in such a futile search, I will recommend books that I feel are […]

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How to Find a Great GRE Tutor

Finding a good tutor is not easy. Sometimes they are attached to a class or company. Sometimes they are rōnin, making them hard to find. Sometimes you can’t tell how competent they are. Sometimes you need to take out a loan to pay them. So how do you go about finding a good tutor that […]

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Explanation Videos for Official GRE Material

Hi, everyone! 🙂 If you’re a regular blog visitor, you’ve probably often read our recommendations for official material from ETS, whether it be Powerprep software, the Official Guide books, or the PDFs of the paper-based exams. We always suggest these resources since they’re as accurate as it gets when it comes to practice material– the […]

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