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Carking Fribble

Pop quiz!

What’s an “axolotl”?

  • capybara droppings
  • the last alcoholic drink of a night
  • a llama ranch
  • a type of Mexican salamander

If you want to find out, I’ve got a little gift for you. 🙂 We’ve just released some new vocabulary builder sets—our most challenging yet! It’s time to download the Magoosh vocabulary builder app, learn some new words, and start writing like a true poet.

Learn useful new words like “slangwhang,” “syzygy,” “fipple,” and—my personal favorite—”hwyl.” And yeah, they’re real words.

They may be tough, but you can do it! Where there’s a hwyl, there’s a hway!

If apps aren’t your style, you can also see the new words on the web.

Good luck!

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