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Article of the Month – April 2016

I’m not much of a sports fan. Sure, the World Cup excites me (it’s an international event and comes along only once every four years) and I’ll typically tune into the Super Bowl (though often for the commercials), but come the weekend, I’m rarely, if ever, in front of a television watching grown men chase a ball around.

A few months back, that all changed. I was standing in my kitchen at 10:30 at night on a weekday about to head off to bed. From outside a thunderous roar of voices froze me in my tracks. It sounded like a stadium filled with spectators each of whom had just been told that they’d won the lottery. For context, I live in downtown Oakland, my apartment flanked by numerous bars and restaurants. I scrambled to my phone to check out what could possibly be going on at this late hour. Apparently, Stephen Curry, the point guard of the Golden State Warriors (based in Oakland), had hit a 38-foot shot as the game clock hit zero. I replayed the improbable shot over and over again, shocked that this had become routine for Curry. And on this particularly night against the Oklahoma City Thunder, the shot was the last made in a relentless back and forth between these two powerhouses—my conversion to a rabid Warriors fan complete.

The reason I mention this is I would not have even bothered reading the article I chose for this article of the month. Even if you are not a Warriors fan, the article is highly interesting for how it juxtaposes Silicon Valley and traditional sports teams. What I saw that night, then, wasn’t just a player nonpareil winning the game in the waning seconds, but the victory of a sport’s team that has been as assiduously engineered as the latest iteration of the iPhone.



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