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Student Post: Follow a Study Plan!

Screen Shot 2015-08-14 at 10.23.36 AMAbout me: My name is Abhishek Thosar. I’m from Mumbai, India, but currently work in another city – Chennai, India. I am a graduate from Indian Institute of Technology (BHU) – Varanasi, and my undergraduate major was in Mechanical Engineering. I am a fun-loving, super-social guy generally but behave as an introvert at times. I love playing football (soccer for some, I prefer calling it football!) and also am a big fan of the English Premier League. I also love following Formula 1 with my favourite current driver being Kimi Raikkonen.


My biggest challenge on the GRE: I was traditionally strong at quantitative ability and at the same time emphatically weak at verbal ability. I particularly struggled in the vocabulary-based questions, i.e. the harder single-blank text completions and synonymous words questions. I had practised vocab-in-context reading in the past, thus did not have major issues with the reading comprehension or argument based questions.

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To improve on vocabulary intrinsic questions, Magoosh’s flashcards and vocabulary builder resource is one of the best and really helps in learning the most common words on the GRE. Also, Magoosh has an amazing Youtube handle, which should ideally be used in tandem with


Tips for other students: One thing that helped me immensely during preparation was a proper schedule, knowing what to do when you are weak in verbal section and how to go about the whole preparation. Magoosh’s 3-month verbal focused plan really helped me a great deal, but I could only complete about 7-8 weeks on the 13 week plan. I wish that I could have completed the entire 13-week study plan.

So, my advice to students would be to stick to one of the study plans that are best-suited to your abilities and utilize Magoosh’s resources fully. Seek help from people at Magoosh itself whenever you require it or do not seem to understand something. Get involved with the product, and the product tends to work more and more in your favour.

In the end, I would like to remind each and everybody that GRE is just an exam, a qualifying exam. It is by no means a make or break, one-shot-at-it kind of an exam. So, relax and appear for the test with no pressure or burden, you will surely achieve your targets.

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